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At the age of eight, I had a mystical experience. I had the infinite fortune to be initiated by existence. In the silence of the night, the moon and the stars gave me diksha. However, the mystical experience is a totally different phenomenon than enlightenment, because you as an observer are still present. Even if you observe the light, whatever is observed is an object, while enlightenment is pure subjectivity. 
Enlightenment is invariably unexpected and accidental; it is not the effect of a cause, nor the result of a certain practice. No methodology can grant it. Jesus, Buddha, Shankara, Moses, and others awakened to Reality under various circumstances. If we examine their lives, we will learn that enlightenment was an accident that happened to them in very peculiar situations: dancing, singing, walking, sitting quietly, and so on. To some, it happened in the tranquility of their homes, to others in a mountain cave, in the desert, or the forest. You can stumble upon awakening in any ally. Just like falling in love, it is the same experience for all, yet everyone has their own love story. 
Spiritual practice or sadhana is not meant for the attainment of moksha. The goal of prayer, hatha yoga, japa, pranayama, and meditation is not to make us enlightened. Yoga vidya creates appropriate conditions for enlightenment. These are purification methods that help remove obstacles or impediments to facilitate this accident. 
We cannot force sleep. In order to fall asleep, we have to create the adequate atmosphere: get into a comfortable bed, draw the blinds, turn off the light, relax, take a sleeping pill, and so on. Nonetheless, sleep will eventually fall upon us of its own accord. Similarly, there is no method to fall in love with someone. All you can do is to create the right conditions. Sleep or love, just as enlightenment, are always accidents that simply happen. 
Existence is extremely creative and resists imitation. Looking at the ocean waves, the mountains, and the flowers, we notice that life dislikes repetition. Different religions have created methods that mimic the circumstances in which the enlightened ones awoke. If the prophet became enlightened while seating, then the practice will be to sit.  If the saint found God while dancing, the sadhana will be to dance. These activities, however, are not the cause. If one master awoke while sitting, the reason was not the body position or the chair. If another discovered the divine while dancing, it was not due to the dance. Before undertaking a practice, it is very important to put it in its correct place.
Every religion has developed its own practices, yet the followers have not necessarily achieved the coveted result. Their methods have not always been very effective in transcending illusion and attaining the desired divine goal. Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists have imitated their prophets for centuries without obtaining the same results. Such practices have transformed religion into a business: whoever pays with the currency of practice will receive the required merchandise. This has turned us into manipulators and opportunists. 
Religion is to unveil our true existence in the reality of the present. If the practice is aimed at some goal, it projects us toward the future. Any sadhana that seeks enlightenment, as elevated as it may be, distracts us from the present moment. The only alternative is to create favorable conditions and cultivate the art of proper waiting. Not waiting for something in particular, but rather transforming ourselves into unconditional wait. There is nothing left but to meditate with great trust in life. In the right moment, a ray of light will illuminate your soul. In that fatal divine accident, you will perish as “someone” to be reborn as the Whole.