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     I have heard that you don’t find it particularly good to charge money for teaching yoga. Could you explain your reasons? 


    Well, it doesn’t seem appropriate to me to bring the teaching of the ways to liberation into the field of business. As soon as one charges money for teaching a spiritual discipline, there are no more teacher and students but rather a salesman and a clientele. It is no longer teaching yoga or Tai-chi; rather, wisdom is sold like a merchandize. The (professional) teacher depends financially on the students (clients) in order to survive.

    Making profit on spiritual teaching clearly affects the purity of the conveyed wisdom. I believe that any spiritual guide can be paid with a voluntary donation, or dakshina, but never commercialize it.  Such ‘spiritual’ commercialization necessarily brings with it the business world together with its prices, competition, advertisement , etc. This is where the proliferation of teachers and new methods of yoga or Tai-chi come from, each promoting itself as ‘the best!’ 


     What’s wrong with money? 


     Nothing is wrong with money. But I do not think it proper to commercialize everything. Whatever is really valuable in life is priceless. 


     Are you against charging money for teaching yoga? 


    I wouldn’t say that I’m against it, but it does make me uncomfortable. The thing is, when a path to liberation is brought to the commercial field, those who stand out are not exactly the best teachers but, obviously, the best businessmen. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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