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    Dear Prabhuji, according to your teachings, the important thing is to get rid of the mind. However, my impression is that our life in society would be very complicated without the mind. Could you please clarify this point?


    Residing solely in the mind makes us nonexistent. We live from longings and memories, as well as in hopes and dreams about some imaginary future. Instead of perceiving what is, we go in life projecting the illusory upon the real. By transcending the mind, we regain the freedom to exist in the reality of the present, while coming into harmony with ourselves, with others, and the entire universe.
    We are chained to the mind as if it were our master. Transcending the mind implies utilizing it rather than being its servant. The mind is useful as long as it does not control our life. The finite mind should serve the infinite consciousness and not vice versa. Mental slavery leads to suffering and misery, but once we become the masters of our own mind, our lives will be divine. My advice is not to get attached to the mind. True mastery is achieved through meditation. The Dhammapada states:

    The mind is difficult to subjugate; it is extremely subtle and has the tendency to run after its fantasies. The sage should watch it attentively. A controlled mind leads to real happiness.
    The mind by nature is dispersed, wondering, and incorporeal. It lives as if hidden in a cave. Those who succeed to overcome it are liberated from the powerful fetters of illusion.
    (Dhammapada, 3.4-5)

    To overcome the mind does not imply to stop using it, since it is essential in order to function in the world, just not to leave it turned on twenty-four hours a day. It will function more efficiently if we give it some rest. We should use it only when necessary and when not, to forget it and just be. To get rid of the mind is to free ourselves from its dominance and not to allow it to control us. We can live with the mind; however, we should not be identified with it but with the infinite consciousness. Dominated by the mind, we shall know hell; having become its master, we shall know paradise.
    I use the mind to answer your question, just like I use my feet to walk or my hands to write. But having finished answering, I rest in the silence of pure consciousness.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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