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    Dear Yogacharya Prabhuji, I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Why is the order that the asanas are practiced in during each session of Prabhuji Yoga so important? I refer to the order of the asanas, for example, to always begin from sirsasana and end in standing positions?


    The order of the daily session of asanas in Prabhuji Yoga is not due to a physical reason. Hatha yoga is not only a physical discipline but is mainly a spiritual one. The material body is used to achieve higher levels of consciousness in the next stage called raja yoga. Hatha yoga offers indirect benefits like peace of mind, physical health, mental clarity, and mystical powers. Its benefits are expressed in the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional aspects. 

    According to yogic wisdom, the cosmic manifestation is an event that takes place in a particular order. Something similar to the gradual order in which the embryo develops in the womb.
    The sequence of asanas in Bhaktivedanta Yoga and any classical yoga follows the cosmic order. 
    Traditional hatha yoga finds its roots both in the Tantric and Vedic traditions. The Vedic and Tantric scriptures contain detailed descriptions of each of the events in the process of creation. These scriptures teach us that creation is a process that has a specific order. This order is reflected in the microcosmic level in the system of chakras, or energy centers.
    In various yogic and Tantric writings, it is mentioned that the universe was created through various asanas. There is an asana for every species of life in the universe.
    Prabhuji Hatha Yoga, just like all traditional and classical systems, follows a strict order.  
    Each lesson starts in the sahasrara chakra and ends in the muladhara.   
    Furthermore, each class ends at shavasan, or the corpse position. The latter corresponds to the dissolution of the cosmic creation, or pralaya. When practicing shavasan at the end of each session, we are withdrawing consciousness from the physical material body in the direction of the highest chakra, or sahasrara. This is exactly the order in which prana or life energy, withdraws at the time of death.
    Much of the physical, energetic, and mental benefit that is experienced is related to the pranic order. In each session, we experience the original order in which prana flows through the system to eventually abandon it.
    Each Prabhuji hatha yoga class represents a full cycle of creation and dissolution on the basis of renewal. 
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