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     I think that your teachings could benefit many people if they were spread on a larger scale. Why don’t you try to reach more people? Why is your organization so small? Why not to enlarge it and expand to other countries?


    I live following the dictates of existence faithfully. It is not my intention to preach or to persuade anyone to walk alongside this servant. My love for the heights has awarded me a life of solitude in divine company. I do not consider myself a guru, a rabbi, or a master, even though I accept the opinion of those who see me as such. I equally respect flattery and criticism, glorification and defamation. I feel more at ease being called a communicator, a writer, or someone who sings under the shower without looking for any result. I carry on with my work without expecting that a crowd of followers and adepts will perpetuate these words. I do not aspire to make myself eternal through some ideology or method. Many theologies and philosophies have ended up as obstacles in the evolutionary path of numerous people; they begin as bridges that are meant to unite, but turn out to be walls that hold and prevent development.
    I am not one of your typical “professional coaches” who do not evolve because they are too busy changing others. The role of a preacher or missionary does not suit me. I do not wish to evangelize others. I do not have enough ego to take on be the savior of humanity, neither do I have the stomach to bear the nausea it causes me. No one has harmed humanity as cruelly as its bloodthirsty saviors. No one has inflicted more pain and suffering on people than their liberators. God save us from our saviors!
    All enlightened beings have left footprints on their way. The echo of these steps is canonized, interpreted, commented on, and finally presented as their message to society. Such efforts to organize truth inevitably diminish its freshness and nutritional value. Many truths have been ruined by the attempt to officialize them and turned into creeds to convince others. But Truth is not meant to be institutionalized since it belongs to the realm of individuality. Organization prevents people from revealing the truth that lies in their heart of hearts. In this process, the transcendental experience becomes a simple ideology. What happens in the deepest intimacy of an individual becomes a social phenomenon. Many people have tried to institutionalize the Truth. Although they may have had good intentions, the results were disastrous. The efforts to expand their organizations brought about the phenomenon of institutionalized religion, which buried truths under mountains of interpretations, dogmas, rules, laws, and regulations. The Truth has been stripped of its spirituality to become more like politics. 
    There are those who prefer to ignore their own development and dedicate themselves to the “benefit of humanity.” They teach what they do not know, talk about what they are unfamiliar with, and describe what they do not see. When the individuality of an enlightened being is systematized, authentic learning is replaced by imitation. The central place belongs now to public dissemination and preserving the system. In the process of large-scale preaching, the original vision becomes affected. The teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Lao-Tse, and many others have been transformed into simple “isms.” These “isms” resemble corpses that remind us of someone who once breathed, palpitated, danced, and loved; they are nothing but beautiful mausoleums commemorating spiritual giants who walked our earth.It is said that one day, the devil and his secretary were walking down the street. They saw a man stop along the way, pick something up from the ground, and pocket it. The secretary demon asked: “What did this man find?” The devil answered: “A piece of Truth.” The secretary then exclaimed: “But this is very bad for us!”, to which the devil replied: “Don’t worry, I’ll let him create an organization.”
    In the process of developing an organization, concessions are made to the original message in order to benefit the group. The institution’s safety and wellbeing take precedence over its founding principles. Since the organization prevails, the initial message is relegated to a second order of importance. Eventually, any religious institution perpetuates itself at the cost of the original vision. The organization remains, but the message perishes. We cannot be liberated by surrendering to an organized spiritual cause. Such organizations become obstacles for the development of individuals and hinder their evolution. I think it is a crazy idea to believe that by joining an organization I will be saved or that by adhering to a certain belief I will reach paradise.
    Of course, I agree to there being a small organization dedicated to printing my books and filming my talks. The purpose of our organization is not spiritual but entirely technical and practical. Born out of logistical needs, it does not strive to attract adepts. 
    Society has reached a point where it has to mature. Humanity clearly needs help, but it is not an easy task to spread teachings at a large scale without distorting them. As for me, my aspiration is not to expand my organization but to express myself. I address the individual, not the public. Humanity does not need more spiritual institutions but more individuals who would seek truth, love, and freedom; beings interested in recognizing consciousness and eager to discover their authenticity. The world is plagued with religious organizations that venerate the past and worship those who experienced their divinity centuries ago. They spread messages based on a second-hand retelling of what happened to an enlightened being and preach recycled information. Yet the world lacks souls that share their light from the present. Only one who experiences the silence in the now can communicate with another from heart to heart. 
    I am utterly convinced that human evolution is individual and not collective. Development will not come from organizations but in and through individuals. The human race will take an important step when it transcends the collective, the public, the mass, the herd, and realizes individuality, which is the highest expression of intelligence.
    I do not spread my message at a large scale because I do not believe in religion as a social phenomenon. For me, enlightenment belongs to the field of individuality. My books, answers, and talks are not for the collective but for the individual. I express myself as an artist rather than as a religious preacher. Missionaries are busy with your reactions, with your response to their preaching; they want to win you over to their ideology. If they are successful, you will convert to their ‘ism’. For preachers, what matters is the result of their sermon. Like politicians before the election day, they only care about winning your vote. Their interest is to convert you from one organization to another, to move you into another prison. True artists, on the other hand, are centered in themselves, their way of expression coming from within. They are not calculative and do not care if their work receives catcalls or applause. Their attention is focused neither on scorn nor on praise. Authentic artists are interested in melodies and colors, not in the result of their work. 
    For my part, I am not interested in your reactions to my words. If they motivate the search for yourself, then continue on your path. In my communication, there is not the faintest intention to convince anyone of anything. I am not selling an ideology. This is not a mental manipulation to convert you into some “ism.” My intention is not to preach but to get closer and to cultivate an intimate relationship with you. For a fraternal relationship, what matters is private communication, not public one. All attempts at preaching put us on the defensive. If I tried to convince you of some ideology, it would ruin our communion because you would close yourself to my melody. 
    I simply communicate my vision, and you decide what to do with it. But if my song inspires you and you act upon it, it is not because of what you have heard, but because of what it has awakened in your heart. Only then will you be complete, whole in yourself. Your decision will not originate from some external ideology or imposed preaching, but from within your own reality.
    The one who needs to abandon the cage and fly is you, not your organization, your community, your institution, or your group. You must distinguish yourself between illusion and reality, because the realization of what you really are is not reached through your religious community, but by sharpening and purifying your own discriminative power. Your authentic nature will not be given to you by the church, temple, or mosque, but attained through your own intelligence. 
    The recognition of what is authentic can only occur in an individual. I am obviously not referring to the egoistic individualism that society promotes so strongly through its religious, political, and moral systems. It is this egoistic individualism that dominates us and impedes our evolution. I am not addressing my readers, followers, disciples, or even nations or people. I am addressing you, the one who is now reading these words. If you are able to overcome your conditioning to any extent, this will happen within you, because you are the only one who can transcend egoism through your own discriminative power. Only you can cultivate it by observing your mind. Only you can learn to differentiate between darkness and light, day and night, attachment and love. Only you can separate the temporal from the eternal, the real from the apparent, what we are from what we believe ourselves to be. Only you must die as a personality to be reborn as an individuality.

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