H.H. Avadhuta Sri Mastarama Babaji Maharaja

The meaning of “Mastarama” in Sanskrit is “one who enjoys divine intoxication”, or “intoxicated with Divinity”.

Param Pujya Avadhuta Sri Mastarama Babaji Maharaja was a genuine spiritual giant, and a fountain of purity, wisdom and transcendental power.

He was a perfect Shaiva, an incredible Vaishnava, a great Shakta and an incarnation of the eternal religion itself; he was also an authentic and true siddha yogi and an avadhuta, or a master who is totally self-realized. He was a perfected sage who taught the ancient wisdom of Vedanta and at the same time infused his disciples with deep devotion to the Divine. 

He is a perfect representative of spiritual life’s most elevated ideal because he experienced his true nature. Babaji went beyond the pairs of opposites, he transcended duality; he was a sat purusha, or antarjnani, an enlightened being who was always in the atmic state. When speaking about such an elevated spiritual master, the historical and biographical details hold no significance for his disciples. The siddha-yogi ceases to be a person to become a phenomenon of the eternal present; he is not somebody but the Whole, a presence, an aroma, a perfume. He is the eternal spiritual master of Param Pujya Avadhuta Sri Brahmananda Babaji Maharaja. Param Pujya Avadhuta Sri Mastarama Babaji Maharaja left his physical body on July 10th, 1986; however, he was never born and never died, he only descended for a brief visit out of his causeless mercy and compassion.