By Prabhuji


Dear Prabhuji,  I would like to know your opinion about people who were born disabled?

You are probably asking yourself the reason for my question….well, I have a daughter who was born disabled. I am always asking myself “why”… I don’t accept it.

I don’t understand why.

Everyone is telling me that I’m wrong…. I don’t know; maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

That is why I would like to know your opinion about the subject, as it is very difficult for me. On the same topic, do you have any children, dear Master? Peace and spiritual harmony to you, Master of life.

Answer by Prabhuji:

We have created a utilitarian society, where a human being is nothing more than simple merchandise, sold by the hour…

What we call “work” is simply the selling the hours of our lives in order to fill our bellies…

We learn and prepare ourselves to acquire more skills and abilities that will bring a better price in the marketplace of society.

Schools and universities, with their certificates and diplomas are like quality labels, allowing us to obtain a higher price…

The unfortunate problem is that we are wandering around in life not communicating with human beings, but treating them as merchandise, giving each and every one of them a specific value.

In a world where the only importance is your utility, where your price is set according to your beauty, intelligence, and skills… according to your ability to be useful… to be utilized… how difficult it has become to love…

We put canaries and nightingales in cages, and we set a price according to their utility. Fortunately, they do not understand our illness… our disability… if they understood, the sadness in their hearts would stop them from singing…


Walter… for me there is only one disability…the inability to love…
the inability to  open our hearts and appreciate other people, rather than viewing them simply as merchandise, as objects intended  for our pleasure and convenience.

Children are not born disabled…. It is we, in the way we were trained by a utilitarian society, who have lost our natural ability to accept ourselves… to appreciate and honor people, rather than viewing them as objects with a particular quality and price determined according to our necessity.

I have three children and one memory…

I say memory, because a few years ago when I had a family and children, before I accepted the order of a monk, a tender and sweet flower was born to me, with very little “usefulness” perhaps, and with a lot of health problems… she lived for 2 years and then finally passed away… in that time lapse, between hospitals and suffering, that girl allowed me to get rid of my disability… she expanded my ability to love.
That child removed my paralysis…because the heart can also suffer paralysis. Walter, believe me, being enlightened is not a matter of knowledge or mystic experiences, but about loving more and more, day after day.

I send you my humble blessings, that your daughter will overcome each and every problem, but first of all my blessing is to you, that you’ll be able to stop seeing your daughter, life, and yourself and others as something useful… as a packet of cigarettes, a can of beer,  a television to watch or a notebook to write on.

Society and its way of perceiving people, does not provide to us the appropriate situation to express our capacity for love… I know that it is difficult… but not for you Walter…

It is just that we have been trained only to buy, rent and sell… to get a value! To categorize others we go through the supermarket of the world with that small machine that pastes price labels… pasting them on others, and we call that “human relations” or “social relations”.

How sad!!… We feel so threatened when another product is put on display next to us… another object with a higher price.
We fear that we will lose our customer… that our value will drop.

Always remember … love isn’t a convenience, love isn’t a utility.

I don’t love you because you are convenient… no, no… Loving you can be a huge inconvenience… I don’t love you because you are useful… no, no, no…

We love, because love is our natural song. It is the essence of existence, of life. Have you noticed how alive you feel when you love?

Do you believe life is difficult and unfair? No Walter, it is marvelous, it is a miracle. … But Life doesn’t always understand our illusory foolishness.

I admire Mother Teresa very much. Do you know why? Because she helped disabled children? No…

It is because she helped us, she helped thousands of parents, she helped a society incapable of loving… to love.

It is written in the bible, “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF”… and let me add: be careful… because you’ll be able to see the other only as you see yourself… If you see yourself as cheap merchandise, it will be impossible for you to love….you will perceive your neighbor according to how you value yourself.

Products fight, compete and get sold… Sadly, they are also discarded… to the trash bin, or  the nursing home… when they outlive their usefulness…

Merchandise may possess a value, but it has no soul, no heart… It doesn’t cry…it doesn’t suffer; it doesn’t feel… According to its utility, and our own egoistic needs, the value of a product can be increased or reduced.  As we much as we are useful, so are we valued!

Do you know why human society has never fully accepted spiritual masters, mystics and enlightened beings? Because they are inconvenient…because they object to the perception of people as products…because they do not accept this game in which we are packaged as basic necessities. … Because in the huge supermarket of ambitions, wars, exploitation, competitions, masters are not convenient: neither to man, nor his society…

A master is the sound of a bubbling brook…

A sunset, the sound of the river does not join any political party; you can’t even send them to fight a war…

In short, sincerely, what can this poor society do with them? They are not useful people.

What have they got to teach?

Only the art of smiling… the profession of flying… the skill of listening to the wind… the gift of ingenuousness… a doctorate in contemplating the stars and strolling on the seashore… only such similar professions.

Now tell me why wouldn’t they want to kill…or crucify you?

A Master is like one of those full moon nights that helps you so much but has little utility.

Your daughter is a star, a sunset; she can enlighten you greatly, even though she may not be very useful.

A huge hug, friend of the soul… I call you friend, even though I found in you no real utility, nor do I need you… and if I had found it, I would have doubted that our friendship was genuine.

I would like to tell you that only by getting closer to someone who is of no use to us, who is nothing more than an inconvenience to us, can we learn what true love really is.

Your daughter is a star! A flower!  Disabled? No my dear Walter … it is ourselves, it is our hearts that are disabled, handicapped, limited.

We are a sick society in which even a tear is considered nothing more than a weakness.

Farewell, and remember always that  whatever  we are willing to accept and respect, even in the absence of any utility or necessity, is what  makes us more human.


Thank you, thank you for calling me friend, thank you for your words that deeply moved me , I want you to know, that your response was a great help to me in this moment, since we are finding ourselves in a difficult situation…I also saw that I was wrong, because I always thought that this was a punishment, which caused me to have profound doubts….many of us think that life is unjust and hard, but I also believe that it is marvelous…forgive my boldness, but  the loss you had to bear must have been very difficult to overcome. Admittedly you have a great capacity for love, but as a father, your heart must have suffered greatly…I also suffer as a father…but I have faith, and I continue to love with passion!

Thank you for your blessing!
May the light of love illuminate you!


Dear friend…You asked me about the pain of my daughter’s death. I will tell you something about pain and suffering in general…Never cry about the sun’s absence because your tears will not allow you to enjoy the beauty of the stars!