This life story is nothing but a long voyage… from what one believes to be to what one truly is, from the personal to the universal, from the partial to the total, from the unreal to the real.

As the ocean longing for water, I was looking for my home within my own house. In the end, it was revealed that I am a mere joke of existence.

Even if this life journey is put into words, it will never be complete. What truly happens here is internal, imperceptible through the senses. 

It is impossible to write a biography of that which has no beginning or end, no birth or death, that which never began and will never cease to be…

I am not a guide, instructor, educator, pedagogue, or master, but only a traveler asked for the way and indicating the direction you are searching for. I gladly show you a place where everything calms down upon arrival… a place beyond the sun and the stars… Beyond your desires and longings, beyond time and space… beyond you… 

This is neither a sermon nor a teaching, but a conversation with oneself. The echo of these words will lead you to that infinite space which is peace, silence, love, existence, consciousness, and absolute bliss.

“For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight. More than anything else, Jonathan Livingston Seagull loved to fly. This kind of thinking, he found, is not the way to make one’s self popular with other birds.”

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Richard Bach


Diamond Sutra, verse 32:

 “So I say to you:

‘This is how to contemplate our conditioned existence in this fleeting world:

Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream; like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.

So is all conditioned existence to be seen.’

Thus spoke Buddha.”

Prabhuji is an avadhūta, a writer and a mystic who has chosen to retire from society and lead a solitary life. He spends his days completely secluded from the public, writing in silence and absorbed in contemplation. Prabhuji does not offer any satsangs, courses or lectures, nor does he accept disciples or followers. He shares his teachings only through books and online videos. We ask everybody to respect his privacy.