The story of my life is nothing but a long voyage: from what I believed to be to what I truly am, from the personal to the universal, from the partial to the total, from the unreal to the real, from the apparent to the true, from the temporal and transient to the eternal, from darkness to light, from the human to the Divine. This story is not public but deeply private and intimate.

Only what begins, ends; what stars, finishes. One who lives in the present is neither born nor does die, because what lacks a beginning never expires.

I am the disciple of a seer, of an enlightened being, of somebody who is nobody. I was initiated in my spiritual childhood by the stars shining through the silence. A seagull that loved flying more than anything else in life inspired me.

In love with the impossible, I crossed the universe chasing a star. I have walked a thousand paths, following the footsteps of those who saw, with deep respect for them but always in my own way. My rebellious and insubordinate nature has aroused polemics and controversy.

As the ocean that longs for the water, I sought my home within my own house. I love religion in all its manifestations, though I have never been affiliated with any in particular. I am not part of any organized religion, because enlightenment is not a social but a spiritual phenomenon. Truth does not permit institutionalization.

I publicly declare myself multi-religious because my religion is one: the religion of love, and its temple is the heart. It is there that I offer up my prayers.

I am not a guide, instructor, educator, pedagogue, guru, evangelist, or master, but only a traveler whom you have asked for directions. I will gladly show you a place where everything calms upon arrival, a place beyond the sun and the stars, beyond your desires and longings, beyond time and space, beyond concepts and conclusions, beyond you.

I paint sighs, hopes, silences, aspirations, and melancholies… inner landscapes and sunsets of the soul. I am a painter of the indescribable, inexpressible, indefinable, and unspeakable of our depths. 

Since childhood, little windows of paper captivated my attention; through them I visited places, met people, and made friends.

I have not transformed my inner life into a profession or job. It is not my intention to convince anyone of anything. I only talk to myself and think aloud. The echo of these words may lead you to the infinite space of peace, silence, love, existence, consciousness, and absolute bliss.

Do not search for me; search for yourself. It is not me that you need, because the only thing that really matters is you. What you yearn for lies within you, as what you are, here and now.

Avoid fame, for true glory is not based on public opinion but on what you really are. Choose bliss over success, life over reputation, and wisdom over information.

When you fly, you learn that what matters is not to touch the sky but the courage to spread your wings. The higher you rise, the smaller and less significant the world will look. As you walk, sooner or later you will understand that every search begins and ends in you.

Your unconditional well-wisher


David Har Tzion