Testimonial by His Holiness Shankaracarya Jagad-guru Swami Divyananda Tirth

large-photo-shankaracharya-swami-vidyanandaI am glad to know that a child born in Santiago, the capital of Chile where Spanish is spoken, has studied the different ways of thought and came to the conclusion that the Vedic philosophy is unsurpassed, and so has engaged his life to preach and propagate Vedic Hindu thought, the Sanātana-dharma, as a religion in the western world.

To fulfill his aim, he took sannyāsa (the life of a Hindu monk) from Swami Jyotirmayānanda and became Prabhuji, Śrī Swami Ramakrishnananda. Later on, he received the order of avadhuta, from Avadhuta Sri Brahmananda Babaji Maharaja.

Since then he has been doing an appreciable work of promoting Hindu philosophy, religion, art and culture.
I wish him and his mission all success.

His Divine Grace Swami Divyānanda Tīrth Shankaracharya of Bhanpura