Testimonial by His Holiness Swami Gokulānanda Sarasvatī

His Holiness Prabhuji Avadhuta Ramakrishnananda founded the Prabhuji Mission (Previously: Vishwa Dharma Mandalam), which is a traditional temple and āśram for sādhakas and spiritual seekers.

Prabhuji’s knowledge of the Vedic śāstras, Purāṇas, Vedānta, and yoga can be seen in his clear lectures and articles.

I am very happy that Prabhuji is presenting all the different paths of bhakti and yoga, and showing that they all belong to the one eternal Sanātana-dharma. The mission prints books and magazines and organizes workshops and seminars to teach the wisdom of our religion.

I wish to express support to Prabhuji and his mission.

His Holiness Swami Gokulānanda Sarasvatī

Gita Ashram

Rishikesh, India