The first meeting

By Ma Ramananda

In 1996, Prabhuji was walking on the banks of the Ganges near the holy city Rishikesh where, attracted by a melodious silence, he sat on the bright sand to meditate. Something in this place captivated him, but he did not know what it was. When he opened his eyes after a long and deep meditation, he noticed a nearby cave. He could not resist entering the cave and, once there, he felt an even more mysterious power, and he submerged into a deeper meditation.

There was something different in this place, different from any other place he had ever been, as if the sand, the stones, and the waters were bringing him closer to himself.

The next day, still excited from what he experienced in the cave, Prabhuji noticed a sadhu standing next to Shiva Temple. His white shining clothing and his noble movements separated him from the rest of the sadhus. Prabhuji approached the sadhu, and asked him for his name.

“This has no name,” answered the sadhu pointing to his heart.

“Where do you live?”

The sadhu silently pointed his finger towards the Shiva Temple.

“May I learn from you?”

Although he never accepted any disciples before, the sadhu agreed.

In the following days, Prabhuji spent many hours with the sadhu, learning the mysteries of yoga and meditation. The sadhu, who is known by the name Baba Brahmananda, became Prabhuji’s beloved diksha-guru.

When Baba Brhamananda took Prabhuji to the Ashram of his spiritual master, Prabhuji recognized that the Guru of Baba Brhamananda was Mastarama Babaji Maharaj, the same powerful sadhu that used to live in the magical cave. Then Prabhuji understood that through his presence, which lives on in the cave, he experienced this most amazing meditation, and that by his grace he was receiving the wisdom of the Vedas from Baba Brhamananda.

Even today, while chanting “Jaya Bhagavan” to his beloved Bhagavan Mastarama Babaji,  Prabhuji is going back to the same cave, enjoying the nectar of Babaji that still inhabits the empty cave in his heart…. and fills the hearts that listen to his sweet voice chanting in ecstatic devotion to the great soul that was His Holines Mastarama Babaji Mahraj.