Video Lectures by Prabhuji

Enlightenment is about You

The Source of the "I"

Cannot be Achieved

Be aware of your anger

The Search

Ocean of emptiness

The universe as experiences

Living from the heart

Action and reaction in karma yoga

Timeless dimension

Reality as awareness itself


The image

Hatha-yoga - asana, a door to the infinite

Action and reaction in karma yoga

Reminiscing with Prabhuji

Relationships and Self Image #1

Relationships and Self Image #4

Appereances on the Screen

The present

Shankaracharya's Vivekachudamani 1/4

Shankaracharya's Vivekachudamani 4/4

Vivekachudamani course 1

Vivekachudamani course 3

Meditation is waiting

A Shadow of the Divine

The Role of the Spiritual Master within the Dream

Not Behavior but Consciousness

Do not repress nor express your anger

Reality happens only in the present

Without Control


The present

The prayerful mood

Appearances on the screen


Chasing the illusion of the sense of security

Bhakti yoga - Love is love for the Self

Shiva - The destroyer of Illusion

Relationships and Self Image #2

Relationships and Self Image #3

Relating in Freedom

The Obstacle

Shankaracharya's Vivekachudamani 2/4

Vivekachudamani 1

Vivekachudamani course 2

The origin of action

Watch but don't get accustomed

Observing the conflict

Lord Ganesh and the Guru