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The Inn

The Inn A wise sadhu enjoyed great respect throughout the entire kingdom.  Therefore, none of the guards dared to stop him when he entered the palace. Reco... Read More...

You are

You...what you are... is just a group of theories and hypotheses... Different ideas about what you are

The meaning of the term tantra

The Sanskrit word tantra has been interpreted in several different ways. Among the main meanings it has been given, we find those of a philosophical conclusion...

The Tantric revelation

Like the Vedas, the tantras are considered a revelation of divine origin, the very voice of God, or āptavākya. Different seers or Tantric rishis transmitted their transcendental experience for the benefit of humanity through...

Kundalini Yoga

If we contemplate a great oak tree, we infer that its roots are very well-developed: if they were like those of a small plant, the tree would succumb to the first autumn breeze.