Frequently Asked Questions



Is it possible to practice any mantra in the Avadhutashram?



It is possible to chant any mantra because they are all expressions of the same God who resides in us as our authentic nature. However, Prabhuji, the master and founder of the Ramakrishnananda Order, climbed on his path on the basis of the Māhā-Mantra, in which he was initiated in his youth. Therefore, the mantra Hare Kṛṣhṇa Hare Kṛṣhṇa, Kṛṣhṇa Kṛṣhṇa Hare Hare, Hare Rāma Hare Rāma, Rāma Rāma Hare Hare is the basis of our practice. Like any organization, we aim for order and uniformity so, within the organization we practice only the Māhā-Mantra.