H.D.G. Avadhuta Brahmananda Babaji Maharaja

(Guru Maharaja)

Blessings from Prabhuji’s Gurus

H.D.G. Bhaktikavi Atulananda Acharya Maharaja


“I gave you my all things. My power, my blessings, everything I have given you. That’s why you are now in the avadhuta state.”

“… You are able, your heart is pure.
… Brahman is everywhere, so I am with you.
… Because your heart is pure, that’s why you surrendered to me… You see, when you meet me, at that time, and now- what you are. Understand?”

“You understand me in your heart… there are no words to say”

“I saw he is very special. I think his eyes tell the secret of the heart. his eyes told me that he is the right man. Thats how I recognized the disciple. God told me, Babaji told me, Shivaji told me, Gangaji told me, that he is the right man. This is how I recognized him.”

“Other people, their brain is working in one way, the heart is saying something else, and the body is going elsewhere. But Ramakrishnananda has three of them at a single point. That’s why I recognized him as my disciple.”

“Ramakrishnananda is the best man to the devotees. If the devotees surrender to him and he can tell them (instruct them) The devotees will go up.”

“From that time to this time, you have changed very much. I see it. You are going (advancing) very fast… Now you realized you are Brahman. Your soul is white.”

“He (Babaji) told me about Ramakrishnananda. That somebody will come from outside of India, and fully surrender at your feet, then you can take him (as a disciple). Other people- do not trust them, do not recognize them. Only one man.”

Jay my very dear Avadhuta Babaji Maharaj.
I am very happy to know that you have a rather peaceful life and wholly dedicated to your growth in bhakti, in pure love for Sri Krsna. Surely this is the perfection of life, as Srila Prabhupada used to tell us. That is a great blessing for everyone.
I wish the best for you and your beautiful spiritual family.
May you be very well in everything.
Sri Krsna bless you more and more.

“Jay jay, thank you very much Avadhuta Babaji Maharaj.
I thank you very much Babaji Maharaj.
May you be very well in everything and always be very blessed.
Sri Krsna bless you more and more.”

“Because you are worshipping Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara, you are in Their hands.”

“Thank you very much my dear Maharaj for this beautiful greeting that moves me very much.
The other day we remembered you in Puente Alto with Mathura Prabhu.”

“Thank you very much for your always so beautiful feelings. You are a very sensitive person, with great feelings, that is why you have those disciples who love you so much. It is wonderful to see how Lord Krishna blesses his devotees.”

“Thank you very much, once again, for your beautiful feelings towards me. You are also very appreciated by me. Receive my affectionate hug.
May Krsna bless you always”

“I am always very grateful for your beautiful sentiments. And I always wish you the best, to you, and to your entire spiritual community.
You are a very grateful person, as there are few, and I appreciate that very much. You certainly have a big heart. So I always wish you the best.
May you be very well in everything.
Sri Krsna bless you more and more”

“Yes, I have no problem that you mention me in your books, rather I am always very grateful for your beautiful sentiments.”

“Besides, as you well say, I don’t think Avadhuta Sri Brahmananda Babaji would bother with this because he, like his own teacher, was very broad in that sense, and if he saw that you practiced bhakti for so many years, he supported your devotion to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.”

“Because you are worshipping Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara, you are in Their hands.”