Important Clarification

By H.H. Swami Muktananda

It is important to clarify that Prabhuji, H.H. Avadhūta Śrī Bhaktivedānta Yogācārya Ramakrishnananda Bābājī Mahārāja, was never a self-determined or a self-appointed guru or avadhūta. Such designations came from his own master, H.D.G. Avadhūta Śrī Brahmānanda Bābājī Mahārāja, who, with the authority given to him by his own master, H.D.G. Avadhūta Śrī Mastarāma Bābājī Mahārāja, requested from Prabhuji to accept the position of guru or Master Ācārya, and officially conferred upon him the title of avadhūta, initiating him into his line of disciplic succession.

All his titles were received from religious organizations and spiritual authorities. To name a few, the title Bhaktivedānta was conferred upon him by H.H. B.A. Paramadvaiti Mahārāja, founder of “Vrinda”; the title Yogācārya was conferred upon him by H.H. Swami Viṣṇu Devānanda, as well as the “Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research of Indore, India,” the “International Yoga Federation,” the “Indian Association of Yoga,” and the “Shri Shankarananda Yogashram of Mysore, India”.