Gurudevi, H.D.G. Avadhutika Bhaktivedanta Yogacharya Srimati Ananda Mataji Maharani

या श्रीप्रभोः पादयुग्मे श्रद्धासमेता नताऽस्ति
सानन्दपूर्णा सुभक्ता लीनात्ममोदे सुरम्ये।
अध्यात्मज्ञाने निमग्ना सर्वत्र परमात्मदृष्टि-
स्तस्यै नमोवाग्वदामो गुरुदेवता स्यात् प्रसन्ना॥

yā śrīprabhoḥ pāda-yugme śraddhā-sametā natā’sti
sānanda-pūrṇā subhaktā līnātma-mode suramye
adhyātma-jñāne nimagnā sarvatra paramātma-dṛṣṭi-
stasyai namovāg-vadāmo guru-devatā syāt prasannā

“We offer our humble reverences with words of salutation to Shrimati Gurudevi, Her Divine Grace Avadhutika Bhaktivedanta Yogacharya Shrimati Ananda Mataji Maharani, who, with faith and devotion, bows down at the lotus feet of Shri Prabhuji, is full of divine joy, Ananda, and is a pure devotee. She is immersed in the blissful, resplendent and beautiful delight of the Self. She is submerged in the knowledge of spirituality, possessing the supreme vision of the Divine everywhere. We offer her our humble reverences may Gurudevi be pleased.”


Realized Masters are identified by their continuous and profound connection with Universal Consciousness or the Divine. Their presence is a singularity in the world because of their skill in activating and elevating the transcendental energy, the kundalini, in those they guide.

Her Divine Grace Avadhutika Bhaktivedanta Yogacharya Srimati Ananda Mataji Maharani, affectionately known as Gurudevi, a Realized Master who has undertaken her spiritual path under the careful tutelage and personal guidance of her Master, Prabhuji, for a significant period of over two and a half decades.

Prabhuji initiated her into the sacred order of Avadhuta by including Gurudevi as a realized master in the line of disciplic succession. Having received initiation, guidance, and transmission directly from Prabhuji, Gurudevi has become a beacon that illuminates the path toward the discovery of the divine consciousness within each being. As a spiritual guide of global reach, she leads seekers through inspirational lectures to awaken their inherent capacity for enlightenment, fostering a deep understanding, and living of transcendence.

For more than two decades, Gurudevi carefully studied all aspects of yoga as well as the retroprogressive teachings personally from her Master. Prabhuji trained her in meditation and hatha-yoga for years until finally granting her the highest degree of Master of Hatha Yoga or Yogacharya.

Following in the footsteps of her Master, Gurudevi, along with her awakening, decided to withdraw from society and adopt a hermit life. Since then, her days are spent in solitude, praying, writing, and meditating in silence and contemplation.

At Prabhuji’s request, Gurudevi has accepted the responsibility of leading Prabhuji Mission from her position as Jivan Mukta or “liberated in life.” Gurudevi is not only an active member of the Sacred Sangha, but also its director and leader. She is totally dedicated in body, heart and soul to the Mission founded by her Master.