David, Ben Yosef, Har-Zion, who writes under the pen name Prabhuji, is a writer, painter, and avadhūta mystic. In 2011, he chose to retire from society and lead a silent and contemplative life as a hermit. He spends his days in solitude, writing, painting, praying, and meditating.

Prabhuji rejects the role of a religious authority that has been attributed to him over the years. Although many see him as an enlightened being, Prabhuji does not accept being considered a preacher, guide, coach, content creator, influencer, preceptor, mentor, counselor, consultant, monitor, tutor, teacher, instructor, educator, enlightener, pedagogue, evangelist, rabbi, posek halacha, healer, therapist, satsangist, psychic, leader, medium, savior, or guru. He has retired from all public activity and does not offer sat-saṅgs, lectures, gatherings, retreats, seminars, meetings, study groups, or courses.

For 15 years (1995–2010), Prabhuji accepted the requests of a few people who approached him asking to become his disciples. In 2010, he took the irrevocable decision to refuse any further requests. He objects to social, organized, and community religiosity. His message does not promote group or collective spirituality, but individual, private, and intimate searching.  

Prabhuji does not proselytize. Through his statements, he does not try to persuade, convince, or make anyone change their perspective, philosophy, or religion. Prabhuji shares his message fraternally with no intention of attracting disciples, visitors, or followers. Prabhuji does not offer advice, counseling, guidance, self-help methods, or techniques for physical or psychological development. His teachings do not provide solutions to material, economic, psychological, emotional, familial, social, or bodily problems. Prabhuji does not promise miracles or spiritual salvation. He only talks about what happens to him and shares his own experience through his books and videos.

A small group of senior disciples and friends voluntarily cooperate to preserve Prabhuji’s vision, message, and legacy for future generations by distributing his books, websites, and videos of private talks given to the small group of monastic disciples at the Prabhuji Ashram.

Prabhuji Mission does not accept visitors or new volunteers. Donations are not requested, and no one is encouraged collaborate or sponsor the mission.

We ask everyone to respect his privacy and not to try to contact him, by any means, for interviews, blessings, śaktipāta, initiations, or personal visits.