Preparatory practice for beginners

By Prabhuji

I have been asked to publish some preparatory techniques of Meditative Philately for those who are not related to either philately or meditation. Before accessing meditation, or dhyāna, it is important to develop concentration or dhāraṇā. Therefore, the place chosen for practice should be quiet. Ideally, a room should be set aside just for philately, which is away from distractions. This simple practice is intended for our beginner friends. Before any practice, it is important to take three slow, deep breaths. Place the chosen stamp in front of you and direct your sight to the stamp with your eyes very relaxed. Do not focus your vision sharply on the stamp, but rather rest your attention on the stamp. Rest your gaze and attention on the stamp, allowing the image to gradually blur. Sitting quietly, let your attention focus on the image and allow its colors and shapes to affect your inner self. Do not resist the thoughts that appear, but allow them to recede and gently return your attention to the stamp. At first, 5 to 10 minutes a day will suffice. At the end, slowly return your attention to the world around you and maintain total silence for 3 minutes.