Preparatory technique for Philatelic Meditation

By Prabhuji

The following is a preparatory technique for meditation that helps reintegrate the rays of our attention. This simple method can reduce mental hyperactivity and mitigate our stress and fatigue. The practice is ideal for beginners, who are only starting their journey on the path of meditation. It fits the needs of every person since it does not require a certain amount of time. As we focus our attention on the stamp’s design, our mental activity becomes balanced of its own accord. This stillness is necessary to aspire for a meditative state and allow meditation to happen.
The stamps are not made merely to send letters. Besides a practical function, their shapes and colors express thoughts and emotions. Stamps constitute conscious efforts to manifest certain themes and they have been created to be observed. Each one has its meaning and tells a story. Collectors are attracted to different types of stamps, depending on their character and personality. There are those who have a penchant for certain countries, while others choose a specific topic. In this way, each stamp represents a connection both to objective reality and to our inner world.
Before the practice, it is recommended to take a bath. It is also important to prepare an appropriate environment. The space must be clean and organized. Air the room to allow the energy to renew itself. Try to have good lighting in order not to strain your eyes. While the practice lasts, keep the TV and cell phone turned off. If you wish, you can put a meditative melody that will create a soft musical background.
The posture plays a very important role as it reflects our attitude. Sit with your back straight, elongated from the sacrum to the crown. The body is extended, but no muscle is tense. Feel a sensation of elongation without tension. You do not have to repeat a mantra or perform any kind of action. Then proceed to place the stamp in front of you in a way that does not strain your neck. This will be your object of attention.
Close your eyes. Your breathing slows down as you carefully observe the nostrils for a minute or so. Observe how the air you inhale is cooler than the air you exhale. Do not make any efforts—allow the mind to calm down on its own. When tranquility absorbs you, slowly open your eyes and rest your attention on the stamp. At first, observe effortlessly with your gaze unfixed. Then proceed to situate your attention in the center of the stamp. Slowly, allow the colors and shapes of the design to invade your mind and calm your emotions. Through observation, we can access our hidden interior. Accept the feeling of well-being, the tranquility, and the mental harmony that flows toward you through this window of paper. As we mentioned at the beginning, this technique is a preparatory step for meditation.