Fury and Sadness

By Prabhuji

Fury and Sadness stepped into a lake to take a bath, leaving their clothes on the shore.

Because Fury is hasty and impulsive, she bathed quickly and got out of the water.  As she is also blind, she took the wrong clothes and left, dressed in the clothes of Sadness.

When Sadness got out of the water and saw that her clothes were no longer there, she dressed herself in Fury’s clothes, as they were all that she could find.

Even since then, it has been said that if you meet Fury along your path in life, do not react to her angrily or offensively… If you observe her carefully, you will discover that she is Sadness, dressed up like Fury…

And if you meet Sadness, be extremely careful, because if you observe her for some time, you will become aware that in reality she is Fury, dressed up as Sadness…