A king received a fine gift of two precious falcons.  The monarch delivered both creatures to a falconry to be trained. .

After some time, the master of the  falconry informed the King that one of the falcons was flying  majestically in the heights but the other had not moved from his branch since his arrival. The monarch commanded that various experts from his kingdom be called to see if they could find a solution, however, none of them were capable of making the bird fly.

The king commanded that one of the wisest of his counselors be called, and great was his frustration in seeing that no one could make the bird leave his branch and fly.

One of his advisers told him that perhaps the best thing would be to search for a person more accustomed to a life in contact with nature to solve a problem like this.

The king gave the order to search in his kingdom for a farmer who might be able to do something about it.

One morning the king was amazed to see through his window that the bird was flying very high, and immediately said: –

—“Who has done this?”

— “A farmer, your majesty.”

At which the king ordered:

—“Bring me this hero immediately.”

The simple farmer was brought in the presence of the King, who thanked him for his efforts and asked him:

—“So my good man, could you tell me how you were able to convince that falcon to fly?”

To which the farmer replied:

—”“I simply took my tools and cut off the branch, your Majestry.”