A group of blind men used to go for a daily walk in the care of a guide. One day, the guide suggested they all go to the zoo, and the group enthusiastically agreed. The guide asked the blind men if they wanted to know what an elephant was, to which they assented joyfully.  However, since the blind men could only learn about an elephant by touch, they were allowed to enter into a space where they could be with the elephant.  Because it was very tame, they all began to feel the elephant. In the process, a huge discussion arose among the blind men, which soon turned into an argument. One of the blind men said:

—”An elephant is like a large hose…”

Another remarked:

—”Noooo! An elephant is like the trunk of a tree…..

A third said:

—”You are completely wrong; an elephant is like a large fan….”

Then the guide, who could see the elephant with his own eyes, interrupted them, and said,

—”Enough of this argument, there is no reason to fight, you are all right. What is happening is that each of you has grasped the elephant from a different angle. The one who said that the elephant is like a hose, grasped his trunk, the one who said it appeared to be like the trunk of a tree, grasped a leg, the one who said it was like a fan, grasped his ear. All of you are correct, and there is no reason to quarrel. Your differences are only due to your blindness.”