The disciple approached a saintly yogi who was completely awakened, to inquire about some aspects of enlightenment and about those who have been fortunate enough to experience it. The disciple asked the Guru:

— “Beloved Master, how is it possible that a jivan-mukta, one enlightened in life, can remain serene and in peace while humanity is suffering and enduring so much tragedy?

The master remained silent for a few moments, and then he replied:

— “Imagine yourself dreaming that you are traveling by ship at night and all the passengers are sleeping.  Suddenly, you are walking on the deck and you realize that the ship has begun to sink, which produces enough fear that it awakens you. Now that you are awake, you realize that you were dreaming.  And I ask you, now, will you quickly try to fall back to sleep again with the intention of warning the passengers that the ship is sinking, so they can save their lives?”