A king wanted to be completely happy. A great sage told him,

— “Look, if you want to be happy, you must fit in the shoes of a happy man.”

The king commanded his soldiers to go throughout the kingdom and search everywhere.

As they met with a resident they asked him,

—“Are you happy?”

— “Almost happy, if I find a bride I will be happy”.

— “Then something is missing; you are not happy,” argued the soldiers.

Then they went to another one who was already married and asked him:

—“ Are you happy?”

—“Almost happy; if I have a son I will be happy.”

They found another and asked him:

—“Are you happy, but really happy?”

—“Happy… happy… happy will I be, when I change my old horse and carriage for a new one; then I will be completely happy….”

Everyone whom they met was almost, almost happy…

—“When I buy a house”, “After the next million”; everyone was almost happy…

—“Yes” – one answered.

—“Is there anything missing?”

—“No, nothing.”

—“You don’t want a cigarette, a coffee?”

— “No”- he answered.

— “You don’t want beer, champagne, something to eat, some sensual satisfaction?”

— “No”.

—“You don’t want a family?”

— “No”.

—“You don’t want anything? You don’t need anything?”


—“Then, you are totally happy?”

—“Yes! I am totally happy!”

— “Then, give us your shoes!”