A young disciple approached his spiritual master and offered his humble reverences. After some moments of respectful silence, he said,

— “Beloved Master, I practice japa, I attend the pujas, I study and meditate daily, but nothing happens. I would like to know what I need to realize God.

The elderly man told him,

—“Follow me and I will show you what you need to realize God…”

Both of them went to a nearby river. The master entered into the water and then he called his disciple saying:

— “Come, I will show you what you need to realize God…”

The young disciple entered into the water full of expectations. When he reached a certain depth, the master pushed down on the younger man’s shoulders, submerging him in the water. The disciple tried to free himself of the master, who was holding him very strongly under the water.  After a few moments, which seemed like eternity to the young disciple, the master freed him. When the disciple regained his breath, the master asked him:

—“When you were under the water, what was your main desire?”

Without hesitating, the young disciple replied:

—“Only one thing: to breathe. I only wanted air…”

The guru asked:

—“In  those moments, wouldn’t you have preferred money, fame, a family, wealth, power, pleasures, sweets, ice cream, cakes or comfort?”

The disciple answered sharply,

—“No, I only needed to breathe, I only wanted air and nothing else…”

Then the spiritual master said,

—“This is exactly what you need for enlightenment. The day you desire God with the same intensity that you desired air in those moments  under the water, the day that God will be your only aspiration, day and night, then you will undoubtedly realize him.”